Syrma SGS Technology Shares Rose Amid IPO Ruckus

Syrma SGS Technology is listed on BSE and NSE. It’s share price started off at ₹262, went all the way up to ₹295, and then went all the way back down to a range of ₹209 - ₹220. Shareholders who bought before IPO were able to make some profit as well.

Investors who had applied for the listing are considered strong and their investment will be appreciated in the long run. Those who have a longer time horizon may decide to buy more stocks at the set price, based on specific research about how others behave around this particular stock.

About Syrma SGS Technology

Investors have responded well to the company’s recent developments, which are thought to be in part due to good prospects and positive market sentiments.

One of the company's main focuses is R&D-based innovation. This allows the company to constantly enter into new growing market segments such as PCBA, Radio Frequency Identification, Electromagnetic parts, and other information technology-related products.

The company designs products for a wide range of industries. Its manufacturing locations give the company an advantage over other players in the industry.

Average subscription rate for Syrma was 32.61 times, which was subscribed 87.56 times in QIB category and 17.50 times in NIPSA category respectively.

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